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Frustrated with how time-consuming and expensive video is? We collect UHD-quality video testimonials remotely using phone cameras and deliver branded content that drives sales, quickly and affordably.
remote video testimonial production service
Humanize your content. We're here to help you put your customers at the center of your story, so you can eliminate PDF case studies that land in the trash and soulless company-centric content.

Example videos

Get video testimonials regularly

We provide embeddable buttons and links for you to ask every happy customer (or those you hand-select) to share their experience over video.

Make testimonials standard
Easy video production for you and your customers

Customers opt-in effortlessly

We make it easy for you and your customers. In just a few clicks, they can opt-in and schedule an interview. You get more customers opting in, in less time, effortlessly.

Remotely filmed and produced

We interview customers located anywhere using their smart phones, our HD recording app, and a few provided recording supplies. We make it easy for your customers with no film crews, travel fees, or half-day shoots.

Remotely filmed and produced
Cost efficient video production service

Soundbites aligned to your messaging goals

Let customers sell for you. We create videos that tell authentic stories and speak to your prospective customer’s emotions and pain points.

Videos made for social, web, and email

Ready-to-use for lead generation, prospect engagement, social proof, and more. 70% of marketers say video is the most effective way to convert qualified leads.

Videos made for social, web, and email

Why our customers love us

“This is a no brainer for every customer”
Betsy Harbison
Director of Marketing
Catherine Mclean Dylan Green
“We saw a 55% increase in traffic from SEO”
Catherine McLean
Founder and CEO

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